Annuity Fund

The Annuity Fund is a tax-exempt self-directed retirement fund as defined in the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). The annual total of contributions is limited under Internal Revenue Code rules and regulations and cannot exceed an annual set maximum. Plan participants are 100% vested in the contributions made to their account. Voluntary (after-tax) contributions may be made to a contributing participant’s account but cannot exceed 10% of the gross annual salary in the current year. Distribution is made upon retirement or one year from the date of the last stamp redemption. The Third Party Administrator of the Plan is John Hancock Retirement Plan Services. See the Summary Plan Description for additional guidelines and information.

Voluntary Contribution Form

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Every job has a completion date. Your Annuity Fund completion date is when you turn age 65, or whenever you wish to retire. Will you be ready? Setting goals
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