Stamp Fund

Under the Collective Bargaining Agreements, Employers purchase Fringe Benefit Stamps equivalent to the hours worked by IUOE Local 15 members. Members redeem the stamps no less than three times a year and benefits are allocated for the following benefits and programs: the Annuity, Vacation, Welfare, Medical Reimbursement, Pension, Political Action, Supplemental Dues and Apprenticeship Skill Improvement and Safety Funds.


                Please contact the Local 15 Stamp Fund for the new Order Forms and rates for:



                        Contact Stamp Fund Office for Order Forms for the following stamps type: 

                                    15, 15A Apprentice 

                                    15,15A Cement League 

                                    15C GCA

                                    15C Equipment Shops

                                    15C H.O. Penn Poughkeepsie

    15C XVES  Dealer Shops Edward Ehrbar, H.O.Penn, Hoffman Equipment

                                    15C Stewart & Stevenson

                                    15D Consultant/Surveyor 

                                    15D Cement League 

                                    15D Nelson and Pope

                                    Small Tool

Annuity / Stamp Fund Contact Information:
44-40 11th Street
Long Island City, NY 11101

Phone: (212) 924-6740
Fax: (718) 729-3142